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Holiday and the shopping sprees

As y’all know, I am starting to enjoy my 3 weeks worth of university  holidays. Six months ago, I hardly posted anything on this blog. It was hard to focus both at times,  I wanted to do some retail therapy to relax me for a bit, but it was impossible since I had so much crap to do. Finally, semester is over and now I am starting again with my ‘kpop haul’ CDs and clothes shopping. Kekeke~ forgive me.



Birthday Escape {Melbourne Holiday}

I finally turned old! 15th of April. Can you guys believe I’m 20 already? As far as I can remember I was only seventeen 3 years ago, time is running really fast and I wish I could stop it so I can be young forever.  To celebrate my birthday, my whole family and I including my boyfriend went to Melbourne to celebrate (mum, brothers, & myself) (yes four of us!) because we were all born on April!

We stayed there for 5 days.

Here are some amazing pictures I took including the beautiful sceneries of Melbourne and food of course!