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Holiday and the shopping sprees

As y’all know, I am starting to enjoy my 3 weeks worth of university  holidays. Six months ago, I hardly posted anything on this blog. It was hard to focus both at times,  I wanted to do some retail therapy to relax me for a bit, but it was impossible since I had so much crap to do. Finally, semester is over and now I am starting again with my ‘kpop haul’ CDs and clothes shopping. Kekeke~ forgive me.



Dotti love



College starts tomorrow and I don’t know what to feel, should I be nervous or not? My family is going for a 3 week holiday this December to see my family and friends. I want to start my starting date to May next year so I can enjoy my Philippine trip for 3 months instead of 3 weeks which isn’t really enough when you think of it. I’ll be canceling my enrollment because if I start college now, conflicts of schedules, concentration and catching up with my studies will be tough and complicated. OH LIFE why are you making it hard.

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