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Mid-term exams are taking over my life right now, too busy dealing with assignments. As much as I want to update this blog, I’m trying my best to show you guys that YES IM STILL ALIVE! Although my blog has been so boring lately, I want to thank you for your patience. 🙂



Big Bang Special Edition + 4minute

Look what arrived today! I know it’s late and TADA! Finally my 빅뱅/bigbang special edition album came, along with 4minute first official album. Both albums are great, I surely recommend it to everyone.

This special edition album has got to be one of the most amazing CD I’ve ever seen, the case is unique & the contents are perfectly adorable!


4minute ‘4minutes Left’ album

4minute ‘4minutes Left’ album

The girls suprised me with this album, omagad I never thought every song of the album would sound this  good! So to support them, I bought the CD!


A day with Shaun Evaristo

What an amazing day, the dance studio was full of great talents and oozing with positive energy. For those who don’t know who Shaun Evaristo is, Shaun is the guy who works for YG Entertainment. He creates awesome pieces especially for BIG BANG & 2NE1. Shaun is a big inspiration to many dancers out there, he is charismatic, energetic,  and passionate! This is what I saw in him today.


Big Bang + G.NA


Damn assignments, leave me alone and stop taking over my internet life. Kidding.

This week I am filming a 30 second commercial for my elective subject Video Production. I need to be creative right now but I have decided that I am doing Footlocker commercial. FOOTLOCKIT would be my version, can you imagine it? I can. I can’t wait for you all to see it!  Since Big Bang are a huuuge fan of sneakers, I decided to make a sneaker commercial inspired from them and of course this is my celebration of their comeback!


2NE1 To Anyone + random posts.

This will probably be my last post for a while. Life is becoming too busy at the moment, I’m such a procrastinator right now my brain is ready to explode from all these assignments I’m getting in just one week.

Back to the topic. 2NE1 album arrived this afternoon. The CD is beautiful, I don’t even know how to describe it. The packaging and the album quality is the bomb, YG makes the best album packaging in the whole wide world . 😀

One of the best things I found unique is that the song lyrics are diffrent from its usual form which I think it’s very creative.  So instead, they used their own hand writing which you can see below. PS. Bommie has the messiest handwriting and CL the fierce lady has the fiercest handwriting ever. Minzy did the most writing  in the song lyrics (poor maknae). Dara has a tiny handwriting lol

That handwriting from CL is so freaking awesome!

More under the cut.


It’s K-Spree time.

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I think it’s about time.. to let the sunshine.. just got a question for y’all.. are you ready for K-SPREE TIME, OHHH are you ready for KSPREE TIME*  OHH BABY Say yeah, you know you gotta say yeah. yeah yeah yeah HELL YEAH

How random. LMAO Let me break it down down down break it break it down…

Alright, here I go again.  My CD’s arrived this morning.. you all know its K-SPREE TIME.  😛 I don’t want people to think that I don’t have a life other than blogging, twittering etc. I have a life too you know, ya just don’t know it. I want to blog about this because I want to share it to all the k-pop lovers out there how I am such a crazy girl who is addicted  to buying CD’s. More of addicted of buying things.. ( CD’s CLOTHES ETC) when I feel like it.

I bought 8 CD’s.  Jay Park, SHINee (LUCIFER), 4minute (HUH), Super Junior (BONAMANA), Se7en (Digital Bounce), B2ST x2 old albums, Hyori’s H-LOGIC.