Hello to my awesome readers!

I would like to thank everyone for taking a time to read at my useless blog posts. First of all, I want to share an exciting news to my beautiful readers. I have opened an online store specialising in cosmetics. Check out ORANGEKARAMEL.com


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Ready for Stationery


left and middle : two A5 books from TYPO, right is the 5  tab notebook GEOMETRISK from Kikki-K

Here are my new set/collection of books that I just bought a few days ago since I am coming back to university (second semester).

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I finally turned old! 15th of April. Can you guys believe I’m 20 already? As far as I can remember I was only seventeen 3 years ago, time is running really fast and I wish I could stop it so I can be young forever.  To celebrate my birthday, my whole family and I including my boyfriend went to Melbourne to celebrate (mum, brothers, & myself) (yes four of us!) because we were all born on April!

We stayed there for 5 days.

Here are some amazing pictures I took including the beautiful sceneries of Melbourne and food of course!

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I barely post anything about fashion or even purchased stuff. I realised that I post more on k-kpop stuff. /admits

I think this post should bring something different to this blog since it’s not “KPOP RELATED”. 😛

Anyway, I was doing some window shopping last week and I bought these new pairs of heels for a cheap price.  (who doesn’t love bargains these days?)

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Hello guys! It’s been a while since I wrote something about k-pop. So here is my Jay Park post!

New Breed came out like few weeks ago and I got my copy from DVDHEAVEN (only took a week for me to receive).

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It’s been months since I have updated this blog 😛 So here’s one for you. I traveled all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney to see the most anticipating kpop fest~

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Why I like to shop online.

I cannot believe it’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog. I don’t know how many people still reads my blog and whatsoever.

I will give you guys a little update about my ‘boring life’ so here it is:  I was on my semester break  for 3 weeks  and did not had time to update my blog at all! So I will make sure this post will be worth for my lovely readers because y’all deserve an award.

During my break, here are the things I did most of the time.

  1. Online shopping

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons why they would rather shop online.  I’m attracted to shop online because it is way cheaper than Australian retail stores and you don’t usally bump with that person wearing the same clothes! ooops~ it’s embarrassing for some of us. Last but not the least, YOU HAVE MORE VARIETIES!

This online shopping/boutique I found online based in Singapore, FLAUNTCC . From casual clothing to party dresses, they definitely catched my eye with their beautiful affordable collections. Flauntcc has lots of different ranges of styles so be sure to check them out!
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