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Here I go again, with my korean CD’s.

I get scolded by my mother when she thinks I am spending too much money on CD’s.  She knows I love Korean music, but what she doesn’t like is when I spend money on the goods such as cd’s and other merchandise. She thinks ‘ I am just wasting money’ when I’m not. I love music and I love collecting CD’s. It’s the closest thing to my retail therapy (when a package arrives on the door with my k-pop goods).

I don’t care what she thinks. You might think they are unneccesary, but its called supporting an artist? 😛

I bought some k-pop CD’s a while ago, they are:

  1. SNSD (Tatiseo) – Twinkle 
  2. Sistar – Alone
  3. B2ST’- Midnight Sun 



K-pop Music Festival in Sydney

It’s been months since I have updated this blog 😛 So here’s one for you. I traveled all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney to see the most anticipating kpop fest~


Big Bang Special Edition + 4minute

Look what arrived today! I know it’s late and TADA! Finally my 빅뱅/bigbang special edition album came, along with 4minute first official album. Both albums are great, I surely recommend it to everyone.

This special edition album has got to be one of the most amazing CD I’ve ever seen, the case is unique & the contents are perfectly adorable!


4minute ‘4minutes Left’ album

4minute ‘4minutes Left’ album

The girls suprised me with this album, omagad I never thought every song of the album would sound this  good! So to support them, I bought the CD!


K-SPREE Time 2.0

Horay my CD’s have arrived today. I was totally shocked when the postman arrived this afternoon, because I never expected my package would come so early. This is the 3rd time I ordered from dvdheaven, they have fast shipping unlike yesasia and the price works out the same for both of them.

So I bought 3 CD’s. Taeyang’s International Album + BoA’s Hurricane Venus + Secret’s Madonna.

I’ve already bought TY’s Solar album before and this time it’s his international version of the album. I decided to buy it because I love him and I’m a fan girl and he’s got it all. Gosh this guy is smexy.



My new Samsung Galaxy S

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Today I bought a new phone and its is an awesome one called Samsung Galaxy S.  It’s a new Android smartphone from Samsung with a 4.0 AMOLED display, HD video recording, and a great 5.0MP camera phone and more. I think this mobile phone offers more exciting experience than iPhone. 😀 It’s packed with so much stuff and I think it is definitely a complete package. I couldn’t ask for more.

This phone is definitely worth taking 🙂

More information at the Samsung Galaxy website

My Beats by Dr Dre headphone.

I got myself a Dr Dre headphones 3 months ago for my birthday, which I turned 18 last April. Although these headphones are kinda pricey, they are the best headphones I’ve had so far. I’ve been using the normal apple headphones for years since I got my first ipod nano about 4 years ago and they keep getting better and better though those apple headphones break easily I decided to try and buy the beats and see what it’s all about.

I have heard about the beats headphone before I bought it, I saw it a lot on TV, especially on music videos like Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga, and other musicians. So why not give it a try? So we went to the Apple store and gave it a listen, and OHMYWOW I bought it without thinking. My pocket is hurting….

I hate myself, I always promise myself to start saving up so I can go for a world trip or go somewhere like Korea, but that promised never happened. I think I have spending problems or shopping addiction. haha I should challenge myself to stop spending or shopping for 30 days. I wont know how to survive. Someone take my money and lock it in somewhere I cant find. HMM temptations…