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Orange Caramel’s Lipstick

I totally found that it was very ironic when Orange Caramel released their teaser for ‘Lipstick’. Since I run a shop called which was inspired from their super adorable-cute-image. I was really suprised, I’ve been liking their teaser photos and today they just released their new MV for LIPSTICK.

I was such a noob, HAHHAHA I JUST TOTALLY REALISED THAT I run and I sell lipsticks. Isn’t that very ironic?

How could I not realised this irony and forget about my online shop?  I have a memory gap~

If you don’t know who they are. Here’s a little info for you


I’ve been supporting these girls since their debut, I think their concept is very cute and fresh and thats why I love them. I love After School too~

FINALLY! Full album is out! Thank you Pledis.


Jay Park Meet & Greet tickets arrived!

Hello everyone,

As you all know I posted about winning a competition [here] last Friday and finally got the prize in the mail today!

I got two Meet & Greet tickets~ thank you so much KTO for this opportunity!


Jay Park – New Breed Album + Pics

Hello guys! It’s been a while since I wrote something about k-pop. So here is my Jay Park post!

New Breed came out like few weeks ago and I got my copy from DVDHEAVEN (only took a week for me to receive).


K-pop Music Festival in Sydney

It’s been months since I have updated this blog 😛 So here’s one for you. I traveled all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney to see the most anticipating kpop fest~



Mid-term exams are taking over my life right now, too busy dealing with assignments. As much as I want to update this blog, I’m trying my best to show you guys that YES IM STILL ALIVE! Although my blog has been so boring lately, I want to thank you for your patience. 🙂


After School’s ‘Virgin’ Autographed Album

After School’s first album! I don’t know why it was called VIRGIN but I think it’s because it’s their first album? First time, first album? LOL

I am so happy with the production of this album, not only it consists with newly recorded songs but the have include their awesome previous songs! 너 때문에 (Because Of You) is my all time favourate because the melody itself is just perfect.

I still think the album name is quite weird but hey! did you know I got the autographed version?


Take A Deeper Look at Jay Park’s album

After previously posting F(X)’s first album, I have another precious collection that will be added onto my collections!


After waiting for a month for YesAsia to deliver all my orders, I finally received it and it’s been over a month.

Abandoned has become my favourate tune after dropping the album & its MV. After listening to it a few times it finally gets very addicting that it even plays on my head while sleeping! HOW CRAZY AM I? Of course it’s Jay Park how could I not support him?