Here I go again, with my korean CD’s.

I get scolded by my mother when she thinks I am spending too much money on CD’s.  She knows I love Korean music, but what she doesn’t like is when I spend money on the goods such as cd’s and other merchandise. She thinks ‘ I am just wasting money’ when I’m not. I love music and I love collecting CD’s. It’s the closest thing to my retail therapy (when a package arrives on the door with my k-pop goods).

I don’t care what she thinks. You might think they are unneccesary, but its called supporting an artist? 😛

I bought some k-pop CD’s a while ago, they are:

  1. SNSD (Tatiseo) – Twinkle 
  2. Sistar – Alone
  3. B2ST’- Midnight Sun 

I shouldn’t go through all the pictures from the photo album. I’m sure there are other fansites that have already provided these photos 😛

SNSD (Tatiseo) – Twinkle 

I love the album, it’s actually one of my favourate albums of 2012. The songs are well produced, Baby Steps, Twinkle & Love Sick are my favourates. I am not a huge fan of SNSD but  TTS was a great sub-unit and now I can’t wait for the next sub-unit. 😀

Post card-style photobooks are pretty good, but I still prefer a whole photobook, less messy.

I got Tiffany card, I didn’t expect to get it 😀

I love the colours of the album, so funky! ♥ the design is just really fun and colourful. I wan’t their dresses but I’m too poor.


Sistar’s latest album was unexpected, Alone is such a nice song, very different from their past concepts.  I love these girls, they are beautiful and talented. I bought the album because I’ve always loved SISTAR from the beginning and I never bought their previous album which made me think I am a bad STAR1. My favourate song from the album was 널 사랑하겠어 (I Choose To Love You), Alone and Lead Me. I like ballad songs to be honest, I like something that I can sing by myself at home. haha

I love SISTAR and their legs, and I’m not a lesbian. 😛

Hyorin and Bora, ♥-♥ they are so gorgeous

This is my favourate shot out of all, Dasom is very pretty but I don’t understand why no one really likes her as their favourate? 😛

B2ST – Midnight Sun

Saving the best for last~ I LOVE B2ST I LOVE B2ST I LOVE B2ST , I AM A B2UTy. I love Midnight Sun. I just sounded like a crazy fan girl. This album was very good, but not as good as their Shock Of The New Era & Lights Go On Again album. If you disagree, then… I don’t mind. I still love their albums 😛

When I first heard Midnight (별 헤는 밤), I was wowed. I loved it so much, I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was a very fresh song.  Later that week, Beautiful Night was their main title track, I didn’t like it quite as I did with Midnight. It took me a while to get used to the song, in the end I LOVE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT :D. The MV was great, I loved it! ♥

The album packaging~

WOWOWOW, so cool! A B2UTY mask? Whoever thought of the idea was a very clever person! I love the jewels on the album, so sleek and beautiful~. I don’t even know how to describe the album when I held it on my hands for the first time. <<— sounds like holding a baby lol

Although this was a very good mini-album, I really wish B2ST included more songs. I wasn’t disappointed, I just wanted songs like from their Lights Go On Again album (more songs I can jam to, not just  Beautiful Night.).

I didn’t include the whole picstures from the album since most of them were already on Facebook and I’m sure y’all have already seen it?

Kikwang ♥

The jewels, really creative. I was scared to touch or even open the box, I was afraid It would fall apart. 😛

I wanted Kikwang, but I got Dongwoon which is alright 😛

I only buy albums that I really like, just like these three 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you want to see the other pictures from the photo album, just leave a comment 😛


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  1. Hello there, can I possibly use these pictures for my college media blog? I will credit you so don’t worry and I didn’t want to take them without asking ^^ I hope I can as these pictures are really good and are the only good ones I’ve found ~ Kim

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