Ready for Stationery


left and middle : two A5 books from TYPO, right is the 5  tab notebook GEOMETRISK from Kikki-K

Here are my new set/collection of books that I just bought a few days ago since I am coming back to university (second semester).

I am stationery lover as you can tell. I love everything stationery that even my boyfriend got me a stationery(scrapbook) set from Kikki-K. Kikki-K is a Swedish owned stationery store that provides different kinds of books, organisers, pens, wall planners and other stuff that would suit for all stationery lovers out there. One thing I love about Kikki-K is that their uniqueness of the designs and how they always maintain ‘simplicity’ in each of their products. CREATIVITY IS ALWAYS THERE TOO! check out their website to see the awesomeness of their stuff! ♥

Here are the notebooks I bought, I love notebooks with unique designs. 😛

1 .) papa racoon a5 spiral notebook from typo

this notebook is pretty cute,  the combination of colours just captivates my eyes. I love light and pastel colours.

2.) typo-   4 tabs a5 notebook

this second notebook will be used later this year since papa racoon and geometrisk notebooks are my top two choices. 🙂

3.) 6  tab notebook GEOMETRISK from Kikki-K

This notebook from Kikki-K is my favourate. In terms of  the design, the quality of the paper is just great. Unlike the typo notebooks which are kinda made from low quality papers, but overall it isn’t too bad at all! I still love typo notebooks.

Kikki-K products are very unique and simple, I prefer their styles and the quality of their products but they can be bit pricey. While, typo is also a great stationery shop, they are affordable and also has their own unique designs. Kikki-K and Typo have their own competitive advantage which makes them both different, one may have it, one might not have it. Either way I love stationery and I does not matter which way I go to buy. I just can’t choose. Haha


Kikki-K a5 GEOMETRISK notebook. My second semester started last monday and I decided to use the geometrisk notebook because it will last me for two semesters to use  it. 3 subjects per semester and 6 tabs in one book? perfect!

If you are sick of using those old boring notebooks why not use colourful notebooks? To my readers who also love stationeries and want something new don’t forget to check out TYPO & Kikki-K store at and 

Thank you for reading  my blog @ orangekaramel



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