I finally turned old! 15th of April. Can you guys believe I’m 20 already? As far as I can remember I was only seventeen 3 years ago, time is running really fast and I wish I could stop it so I can be young forever.  To celebrate my birthday, my whole family and I including my boyfriend went to Melbourne to celebrate (mum, brothers, & myself) (yes four of us!) because we were all born on April!

We stayed there for 5 days.

Here are some amazing pictures I took including the beautiful sceneries of Melbourne and food of course!


We decided to have lunch @ Melbourne Chinatown (YUM CHA). I haven’t had those for quite a long time since I’m not really a big fan of Chinese food. xD. We walked around Chinatown and saw lots of anime toys, but we ended up not buying a single thing.


Breakfast @ the Quarter on Degrave St. The food place was very nice. I really liked how it was set up (see the crowd?) this is one of the best place to grab breakfast/lunch because the atmosphere is perfect!

People eating outside Degrave St. amazing! 

Just a useless photography 😛

vintage hoes which was too overpriced btw

Day 3

Day 3, we went to Fed Square and watched the comedy festival which was great  and catched the Tram to Queen Victoria Market. 😀

Tram experience

Riding the trams in Melbourne was a good experience. We all know trams are like trains but smaller and slower right? I don’t mind riding both as long as it gets to my destination. Melbourne transport was pretty fast & reliable (gold coast transports suck by the way!)  and I was able to experience riding both trams and trains without waiting for a long time. WOWZA!

old tram in the city

flinders street station clock tower

flinders street station building. 😛

Day 4

Shopping day @ Bourke St Mall. Too expensive for me because I’m broke. hehe

After walking around Brouke St Mall, we decided to visit the Melbourne Shrine. Unfortunately, the Shrine was closed already so all we did was just walked to the front and took photos. It was amazing to see the whole view of Melbourne’s skyscrapers.

me just walking to the shrine

long way to go~

amazing view from the  shrine. photo by me 🙂

amazing buildings. photo by yours truly.

The overall experience

Melbourne is a nice place to relax. This place has everything. Food.Fashion.Sceneries.QuickTransport.Everything. One day I would love to do more travelling and see more of skyscrapers (NEW YORK/TIME SQUARE) *fingerscrossed*. I will definitely come back to Melbourne and ensure I have enough money to go shopping and eat as many food as I can. YEP.

Thank you for reading my blog! I know I haven’t wrote anything interesting for a while but I hope this post will be good enough. 😀



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