It’s been months since I have updated this blog 😛 So here’s one for you. I traveled all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney to see the most anticipating kpop fest~

I was really looking forward to this event as this only happens once in a lifetime! and I got to see Kikwang from B2ST in real life O_O!

To give a brief summary of the event, I would have to say that CNBLUE gave the best performance out of all the artists. BEAST comes next,  with a powerful performance.Though I was sad that I couldn’t see everything properly because I was too short and the VIP section kinda sucked (well only if u were in the middle). So I moved to the other end of the VIP section where there wasn’t much people (FAN BOYS). All the performance were my favourate because I say so. 


It was surprising to see how many fan boys came and supported for SNSD. Everyone was pushing around trying to get closer to the stage. Obviously, I was pushed from left to right and some people almost  fainted! So I asked a girl if she was okay and I went back to my fan gurling scream.


Unexpected opening performance from SHINEE, everyone went cray cray and I was fully star strucked on how good looking they were on stage! Jonghyun’s voice was amazingly flawless, Minho was great, Taemin & Key was fully dancing on stage. It was like a dream come true to see SHINEE in real life.

Sorry, the crowd started going crazy when shinee opened the stage


I was amazed on how gorgeous they were. Hyorin is my favourate~ she had an amazing body. I would die to have hers. She was an amazing singer, the vocals were to the perfection. I just cannot describe how amazing it was. They performed So Cool, 니까짓게 (How Dare You) & my favourate song Ma Boy (마보이). I have to say, Sistar caught my eye the whole time. Fan boys went crazy the whole time, became aggressive and started pushing people around.


Secret are one of those underrated girl groups that I like. During the concert they performed 사랑은 MOVE, 별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight) & Madonna. It was a cute performed. I loved every second of it. I also got to see them upclose and the members looked exactly the same on what you see on TV.  It was a very cute performance.


Oh my lord, MISS A gave such an effortless performance. The intro was fierce and oozzzing with sexiness. Suzy caught my attention, I never knew how good she was.  They performed Goodbye Baby & Bad Girl Good Girl.  Overall, MISS A are an amazing artists.



)_(*&^%$#%^&*()_(*&^ I AM 100% B2uty. During their performance, Dojoon stood on the stage while the other members were dancing to their intro (Yeoseob & Hyunseung) it was amazing btw. DOJOOON LOOKS GOOD IN REAL LIFE! KIKWANG WAS PRETTY SHORT but ❤ kikwang is still my bias. B2ST gave an amazing performance. They performed Fiction, Shock & Beautiful (of course for the B2utys). I wish they performed more songs. It was too short. ~_~


I was dissapointed, I couldn’t see where they were ( I found out they were at the very front end). Vocals were amazing but I was sad I did not see them properly on their live stage. *tears*. They sang 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls), This Song & 죽어도 못 보내 (Can’t Let You Go Even If You Die). Fancams will be added later~


I really got to see 4minute upclose. Hyuna was really pretty but one thing that ruined the performance was her chipmunk rap voice. O_O I thought she improved from here Hot Issue days, but I was wrong, it’s still the same. It was annoying to hear and ohmygod what a disaster. I still love Hyuna though. I screamed when they were walking in the aisle ” HYUNA SARANGHAEEEEEEE”. Oh mygod I cant believe I yelled it. The rest of the 4minute members were all gorgeous, the leader (bagel face Jihyun) was really adorable. 4minute sang Mirror Mirror, Muzik & Hot Issue.


MBLAQ WERE TOO SEXY FOR MY EYES!  I dont know how many times I yelled out CHUNDOOONG ANG GWAPO MO! (means you are so handsome). They sang OH YEAH, MONA LISA, & Y. It was an amazing performance. Thank god I was near the stage. I was hoping for some ab flash but NO. 😦


TOO AMAZING~ KARA♥ IT WAS AMAZING!  Being able to see Step live is really fun to hear. Followed by Mister which was amazing too by the way. In fact, I miss listening to that song. Lastly, they sang Lupin. Hara’s waist were too thin, but I wasn’t suprised. 😛 The girls all looked amazing.


THE ONLY ROCK SONG I HEARD THE ENTIRE NIGHT! IT WAS TOO AWESOME! CNBLUE started off with a rock version of I’m A Loner. It was an amazing performance. CNBLUE were totally rocking the stage. OHMY Jungshin was too good looking I seriously fell for him. O_O I was uber star strucked.

Jungshin’s stare O_O


~it was good. SNSD members are all beautiful in real life. When they started performing, the boys went wild and crazy, it was just crazy. The VIP section felt like a stampede. Stupid fan boys.



The last performers. I’m not really into TVXQ (CHANGMIN &YUNHO). I prefer JYJ because I like their genre but damn~ their performance were really great. I didn’t know how powerful they were, I see why there are so many cassies out there. These cassies behind me were fully yelling and screaming especially when they performed 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go). The girls just started creaming when TVXQ grabbing their crotch (HAHAHA). I rate their performance 9/10 because it was awesome and the fireworks were just too amazing to not see.


It was sad to hear that the concert will be ending. 😦 We wanted more. Hopefully there will be another one next year!

It was sad yet an an amazing experience. It was my first ever concert so it was special to me. ❤

Thank you for reading and lets spread the Hallyu Wave~


Comments on: "K-pop Music Festival in Sydney" (6)

  1. Iheartgoguma said:

    I WAS THERE TOO! But I ended up getting bruises, not surprised why the girl fainted. YONGWHA IS SOO HOT!

    • The girl beside me fainted, after my friend and I when she woke up & we asked if she was okay and I went back to my fan gurling scream lol. IM NOT TROLLING BY THE WAY.

      • orangekaramel said:

        Your friend seriously fainted? lol thank god she woke up from it. She should realise she’s watching one of the most precious concert that only happens once in a lifetime. HAHA

    • orangekaramel said:

      there were a lot of people fainted. The front VIP was too hot, thats why I moved to the back. 😀

  2. Lol a girl fainted when I was there

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