Why I like to shop online.

I cannot believe it’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog. I don’t know how many people still reads my blog and whatsoever.

I will give you guys a little update about my ‘boring life’ so here it is:  I was on my semester break  for 3 weeks  and did not had time to update my blog at all! So I will make sure this post will be worth for my lovely readers because y’all deserve an award.

During my break, here are the things I did most of the time.

  1. Online shopping

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons why they would rather shop online.  I’m attracted to shop online because it is way cheaper than Australian retail stores and you don’t usally bump with that person wearing the same clothes! ooops~ it’s embarrassing for some of us. Last but not the least, YOU HAVE MORE VARIETIES!

This online shopping/boutique I found online based in Singapore, FLAUNTCC . From casual clothing to party dresses, they definitely catched my eye with their beautiful affordable collections. Flauntcc has lots of different ranges of styles so be sure to check them out!

Here are the dresses I bought from them online

I will  list and share all the websites I go to. So
stay tuned guys~

2. Hang out with BF

This includes, shopping, eating out and other things. xD It is always  fun spending time with him. Ps. Today is our first monthsary ♥

Romantic Japanese restaurant for dinner

Tooti fruti waffle + babka from Max Brenners

Hug Mug from Max Brenners

3. Book hunting

Preparing your books for university subjects are such a pain in the butt. They are not only expensive but also annoying to carry all the time. I wish every book has an e-reader so I can just carry an ipad and read them all from there.  So instead, I bought second hand books and saved $$$$$$$$$ hundreds of dollars.

4. Watched movies at home

On my spare time I watch k-dramas and other American TV shows. Need I say more? DRAMA MARATHON.

5. Work

Casual job isn’t bad at all. I like my job and I get paid enough and it keeps me happy 😀

Thank you guys for reading, sorry for the ugly updates.


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