After previously posting F(X)’s first album, I have another precious collection that will be added onto my collections!


After waiting for a month for YesAsia to deliver all my orders, I finally received it and it’s been over a month.

Abandoned has become my favourate tune after dropping the album & its MV. After listening to it a few times it finally gets very addicting that it even plays on my head while sleeping! HOW CRAZY AM I? Of course it’s Jay Park how could I not support him?

I was already a big fan of the 2PM boys and after Jay left the group, it was disappointing. Jay Park was one of my bias list out of all the 2PM boys, up until now my bias still hasn’t changed!

This album is full of swag, adding Dok2 into this album completes the whole thing!  Jay Park sounds damn awesome at rapping, this album has reached level 1000 of JAY PARK’S SWAGGER!

The diary

my favourate shots in the diary

Well thats all I could take, most of all the photos inside the album have been released earlier so there’s no need for me to show. 🙂


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