Today I received my CD’s from Yesasia. I’ve been waiting patiently for them to arrive and TADA! a month after,  here it is!


I was dissapointed on how they handled my order, I’m talking about ruined packaging (mot really ruined but my Jay Park album and its photobook was kinda ripped) but I’m cool with it. I’ll let it slide this time but I promise myself I am never going to order my CD’s from YesAsia again, I’ve had enough with them.

Why I don’t like yesasia?

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1. They’re expensive. Yes, they offer free shipping for orders over $30 & stated “save 25% -30%” on some CD’s but in reality, there were no such thing as 30% off . It is another way to market their “products”.

2. Bad CD handling. Scratches, dented sides & etc. (even if your item is still originally covered with plastic, there can still be slight damages inside).

3. DELIVERY TAKES WAYYY TOO LONG. 2 weeks really? It may be fine to some people, but since I am really impatient sometimes, I get really annoyed.

I guess that’s all I can say, anyway thanks yesasia for the CD. This will be the last time I am ordering from you EVER AGAIN.

F(x) ‘Pinnochio’ First Mini Album

F(x) have caught my attention with this mini album. 2 years after their debut from LACHATA, CHU to NUABO & now their #1 song 피노키오 (Danger) I am so proud of them. They’ve come a long way! This album contains uberly cool graphics  & such an eye candy album. Their style have improved so much and the clothes are to die for!

The photobook is so colourful & attractive!

I am lesbian for Amber.

Victoria is so beautiful, I envy this girl.

I love this page so much! 😀

Their first album was a definitely eye-candy.Full with colourful photo’s, from front-to-back -side to-side, their concept is simple yet very different.  I will have to say that at least  F(X) ‘s first album was worth buying,  this group is starting to form their unique & distinctive style that catches our attention.



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