After School’s first album! I don’t know why it was called VIRGIN but I think it’s because it’s their first album? First time, first album? LOL

I am so happy with the production of this album, not only it consists with newly recorded songs but the have include their awesome previous songs! 너 때문에 (Because Of You) is my all time favourate because the melody itself is just perfect.

I still think the album name is quite weird but hey! did you know I got the autographed version?



I‘m quite happy having UEE’s autograph by I’m not really a fan, I wanted PARK GAHI’S AUTOGRAPH!

sister gahi~how i wish haha

raina is so pretty & I’m not used to e-young joining the group yet.

After School is definitely one talented underrated group with versatile concepts. I wish more people would recongnise their talent because they deserve another #1 award.


Comments on: "After School’s ‘Virgin’ Autographed Album" (11)

  1. applepieyummy said:

    Did you get it from yesasia?

  2. hey..would you like to trade yours for a raina autographed one??

  3. Nice review, I also got UEE autographed album 😀

  4. Wong May Er said:

    Hey, mind selling the UEE autographed album? 🙂

    • orangekaramel said:

      No sorry, I have to keep this album since it’s very rare & I want to keep it onto my collection. 😀 Thanks for the offer though, if only I had two copies I would sell it to you. 😛

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