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Mid-term exams are taking over my life right now, too busy dealing with assignments. As much as I want to update this blog, I’m trying my best to show you guys that YES IM STILL ALIVE! Although my blog has been so boring lately, I want to thank you for your patience. πŸ™‚



Dion Lee x Cue

Last week my mother and I went late night shopping to find some really nice coats/jackets. As I walked in to Cue store and browsed to see what they’ve got,Β  I saw an amazing jacket by an upcoming Australian designer Dion Lee. He has caught my eye with his absolutely stunning designs especially made for his first collaboration with Cue x Dion Lee for their A/W 11 collection.

Here are the pieces that I absolutely adore from the collection.


After School’s ‘Virgin’ Autographed Album

After School’s first album! I don’t know why it was called VIRGIN but I think it’s because it’s their first album? First time, first album? LOL

I am so happy with the production of this album, not only it consists with newly recorded songs but the have include their awesome previous songs! λ„ˆ λ•Œλ¬Έμ— (Because Of You) is my all time favourate because the melody itself is just perfect.

I still think the album name is quite weird but hey! did you know I got the autographed version?


Take A Deeper Look at Jay Park’s album

After previously posting F(X)’s first album, I have another precious collection that will be added onto my collections!


After waiting for a month for YesAsia to deliver all my orders, I finally received it and it’s been over a month.

Abandoned has become my favourate tune after dropping the album & its MV. After listening to it a few times it finally gets very addicting that it even plays on my head while sleeping! HOW CRAZY AM I? Of course it’s Jay Park how could I not support him?


F(x) ‘Pinnochio’ First Mini Album

Today I received my CD’s from Yesasia. I’ve been waiting patiently for them to arrive and TADA! a month after,Β  here it is!


I was dissapointed on how they handled my order, I’m talking about ruined packaging (mot really ruined but my Jay Park album and its photobook was kinda ripped) but I’m cool with it. I’ll let it slide this time but I promise myself I am never going to order my CD’s from YesAsia again, I’ve had enough with them.

Why I don’t like yesasia?

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