The sweetest sin

You all know why we get fat when we’re stressed right? if you spell stressed backwards you get the word “DESSERTS”. SEE? I’m amazed how some words can turn into another word when they’re spelt backwards. A few days left until I start another semester, I can see myself  feeling fat & stressed with assignments, god please no!

Savings account drained, after spending so much money on clothes and other stuff. That happiness when you walked out the store with all the clothes you just bought. Yep that how I felt last week, on the downside my money is almost gone. =\Damn you mid-year sale, I blame you for this.

Trying to make the most out of everything of holidays I have left. Shopping spree time. /guilt

Perfect length skirt, this skirt was love at first sight. A mesh overlayed long-skirt that I’ve been wanting to find and bought it at the right place at a wrong time.

The Neutrals

Neutral colours are my favourate

Shopping therapy is the best~


Up next is the cardigan I bought from French Connection, sequined checkered pattern. I fell in love the first time I saw this, luckily it was on sale. 🙂

I am sharing this cardigan to my mother, she was liking this.

The sequined cropped top I bought few weeks ago, since it’s already winter I have paired it up with a pink top underneath so it wont feel weird when I wear it on winter.

I hope these sequins wont fall off when I wash them, or else I would cry my eyeballs out. lol

The Dresses

The dresses, I also bought  which was on sale. O_O It was on the sale rack, so I thought I would buy it and save it for later.

I don’t know how a one-shoulder dress would look on me, I have never tried wearing one before.

The lilac dress. Found this on the sale rack too, I thought I could use this for my graduation this Friday. A belt will complement this simple dress.

Purple hasn’t been my favourate colour. Since this dress was to beautiful & simple I decided to wear and try this dress for graduation. Let’s see how it looks on me (will post a pic soon).

Another sin I committed.

I finally bought the brushes from The Body Shop.

Max Brenners for Breakfast

I can’t believe prices have increased since the Banana wipe-out. No more tutti frutti waffles, but babkka is actually nice.


walking around southbank

I hope this semester will go fast, I can’t wait to finish my degree and face the reality of being a businesswoman.


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