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Semi-Graduation Day

I’m not quite sure why we had to attend a graduation for this kind of program I did in the university two semesters ago. What I mean is that in the past few months I have been studying through this foundation course at Bond. It’s a path you have to take when you do not have enough ‘credits’ to pursue on studying your degree. It has been a really great experience, I have met a lot of people from different parts of the world, but also expanded more of my knowledge. Learning something everyday from these people, so what else can I say? The hard work finally starts here. I am glad that I took the right path and finally continue to start Bachelor Of  Business degree.



The sweetest sin

You all know why we get fat when we’re stressed right? if you spell stressed backwards you get the word “DESSERTS”. SEE? I’m amazed how some words can turn into another word when they’re spelt backwards. A few days left until I start another semester, I can see myself  feeling fat & stressed with assignments, god please no!

Savings account drained, after spending so much money on clothes and other stuff. That happiness when you walked out the store with all the clothes you just bought. Yep that how I felt last week, on the downside my money is almost gone. =\Damn you mid-year sale, I blame you for this.

Trying to make the most out of everything of holidays I have left. Shopping spree time. /guilt


Things I want to buy at the Body Shop.

I want new set of brushes so I made a shopping list or I would call ‘wishlist’ as of right now. Since M.A.C brushes are hefty and a money-draining-out-of-the-budget purchase for me, I can’t seem to afford them right now, lol. I prefer inexpensive & good quality brushes that is worth the price so I chose The Body Shop’s make up brushes.

From left to right : Blusher Brush, Face & body Brush, Foundation brush, Slanted Brush.