Look what arrived today! I know it’s late and TADA! Finally my 빅뱅/bigbang special edition album came, along with 4minute first official album. Both albums are great, I surely recommend it to everyone.

This special edition album has got to be one of the most amazing CD I’ve ever seen, the case is unique & the contents are perfectly adorable!

Here are the album scans from 빅뱅’s Special Edition Album.

The boys looks really good with those suits! ❤

My favourate picture of GD from the album, so perfecto!

another favourate from the album, daedae looks mysterious here.

the album is so artistic + this reminds me of a retarded skull, lol.

GDYB~ ♥ this photo is adorable~

YB IS MISSING! kidding, its hard taking a picture when you only have one hand.

THIS! is another reason why I bought this album, the CD CASE! is frigging awesome!

why can’t everyone CD be like this?

4minute ‘4minutes left’ album

click here to see the post.


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