What an amazing day, the dance studio was full of great talents and oozing with positive energy. For those who don’t know who Shaun Evaristo is, Shaun is the guy who works for YG Entertainment. He creates awesome pieces especially for BIG BANG & 2NE1. Shaun is a big inspiration to many dancers out there, he is charismatic, energetic,  and passionate! This is what I saw in him today.

My friend and I decided to join for the dance workshop + to witness Shaun’s awesomeness.

The building had three levels. When started walking upstairs, we felt really nervous and our heartbeats started pounding. While getting to the second & third level, our heartbeats were about to explode! It was a scary trip, but exciting at the same time.

Friend and I sat on the side wall, waiting for Shaun to start the class. After waiting for 5 minutes, I saw Shaun standing in the corner. I slapped my friend in the leg because It was like seeing someone unexpected. Our eyes widely opened O_O <– like this. It was like seeing a celebrity crush.

Shaun walked into the room and started the class by introducing himself. He describes the concept of the choreography and the emotions needed to be put in into the piece. The class then started and teacing us the choreography from start to finish. The choreography was great except the  environment of the studio ruined my mood. Space of the room was not enough but in the end of day, room space is not important, it is mainly about the learning the steps.

PS. We danced to Jazmine Sullivan’s (10 Seconds).

Shaun then started by putting everyone into groups to show the piece together. Everyone gave themselves around of applause~ then the workshop ended. Shaun shares a great experience for everyone, especially for my myself.  I enjoyed every moment of the workshop, thanks to his long patience, I admire him for it!

After the workshop, we approached to Shaun and gave him the presents from us 😀

Although we were a bit shy, we just needed to have that courage and yes it was succesful~

(Australian Flag Adidas 3 stripes Shirt + Lindt Chocolate + little notes)

😀 read it if you can (mine is the blue one).

Signed Movement Lifestyle shirt by Shaun

After the session, everyone was sweaty~ haha

Shaun tryna show off his present! HAHA

(Shaun if you’re reading this I really hope one day you’ll wear it). 😀 Show them you got that Awesome Adidas shirt down under~!

bit blurry? scroll down again

YAY! I got to meet Shaun in real life!

We got to talk to Shaun for a little bit, he was one of the nicest guy I’ve met so far. He probably never had enough sleep, but I am glad he smiles, after all the tiredness from teaching the whole week. He makes everyone feel comfortable around him.

I don’t know how many times I’ve hugged Shaun. >_< I lost count haha

I’m being a fan girl right now. My day has been amazing and thank you Shaun. I hope you inspire more people because I was inspired by you today.

Never stop smiling~

See more Shaun on YouTube here


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