Big Bang + G.NA


Damn assignments, leave me alone and stop taking over my internet life. Kidding.

This week I am filming a 30 second commercial for my elective subject Video Production. I need to be creative right now but I have decided that I am doing Footlocker commercial. FOOTLOCKIT would be my version, can you imagine it? I can. I can’t wait for you all to see it!  Since Big Bang are a huuuge fan of sneakers, I decided to make a sneaker commercial inspired from them and of course this is my celebration of their comeback!


Finally! My Big Bang CD has arrived. After 2 years of waiting, VIP’s have finally rejoiced of their comeback and I am too.
I love the case design/ packaging, I think every CD should be like this all the time.

I GOT GD HECK YES! TOP woulda been awesome too!

BIG BANG IS BACK! I’m loving this picture of VI and their sexy back.

TOP still has the swag, gosh I love his hair. & DAEDAE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY ABUT HIS LIPS.

When he’s going to cut his pineapple hair?

GNA – Black & White Album

Remember this old post? G.NA has finally released her full album, and I’m loving it. I love her style, her music is totally my style and it’s another reason why I love her.

I love the album packaging, its different from what Cube have released before.

I like this shot, I want to create something like this too.

Buying CD’s online completes the fangirl life. 😀



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