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Guilty Pleasure Post

For the food fans out there.

Sometimes it’s better to stare at these pictures¬† than eating and gaining weight in real life. Well, this is my recommendation and this is what guilty pleasure is all about.

Imagine eating all of these in one night? These desserts are a guilty pleasure that could put you on weight, but you don’t care right? As long as you have it in front of you just couldn’t say no to these yummy desserts.

I ate them all in one night at a restaurant a month ago and that was a damn mistake, haha.



Cream Dream

Couple more weeks until Autumn, and I am waiting patiently for it. Why am I still feeling the heat? It sucks because I don’t have any shorts left and I am sick of wearing shorts all the time. I just want to start wearing my winter clothes.

Forevernew has some really nice trench coats in store and they are all beautiful. I love looking at all the neutral, creamy colours!


Pray for the world.

Japan just had a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9, that’s almost twice as much stronger than the NZ earthquake 3 weeks ago. Mother nature is getting really angry, I wonder what’s next?

Prayers to all the lives that have been lost, especially to Japan.

Be safe everyone and lets pray for the world.

Big Bang + G.NA


Damn assignments, leave me alone and stop taking over my internet life. Kidding.

This week I am filming a 30 second commercial for my elective subject Video Production. I need to be creative right now but I have decided that I am doing Footlocker commercial. FOOTLOCKIT would be my version, can you imagine it? I can. I can’t wait for you all to see it!¬† Since Big Bang are a huuuge fan of sneakers, I decided to make a sneaker commercial inspired from them and of course this is my celebration of their comeback!