Prepping up for winter

People often told me that they HATE winter. I ask myself, what’s so good about summer? YES to the sun but NO to skin cancer. I love winter because
1. I can avoid skin cancer.
2. I can use all of my winter clothes and feel more comfortable especially wearing scarfs can be so comfy.
3. I hate going to the University with slippers on so yay to shoes.
4. I love scarfs, winter hats and of course, you can wear bright colours for winter.
5. I love the winter holiday feeling!


Yesterday I bought an awesome Zara trousers from this little boutique.

Wearing trench coats wont complete the look without some fabulous wedges.

The Wishlist Wedges

Although I’m not really a big fan of super high heels, these wedges just caught my attention. I can only in medium heeled wedges, blame my feet!

Winter can have disadvantages sometimes. However, I love the winter feeling of cuddling, snuggling and laying in my bed plus feeling lazy can be one of them.
Trench coats are expensive but it is necessary for winter but it can be used in many ways, so make sure you warm yourself up. 🙂


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