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Hello, I’m back for a while. This week has been pretty harsh for me with all assignments, presentations and groups reports were all due in one week. I almost died but I was able to cope with everything.
Holidays are coming soon which is in 2 weeks! I can’t wait to go back to the Philippines and enjoy my holidays there. As you know, I will be updating my blog while I stay in the Philippines and probably share photos with my awesome adventures. So please bear with me~

I hope everyone will enjoy their holidays.



Fright Night @ Movieworld

Hello guys, I told you before that  I wont be posting anything for a while. Halloween has ended, I wish you guys had a great time.

I’m not really a Halloween type of person, I don’t like trick or treating either. It’s like scabbing food off someone, like ‘homeless kids on the streets’ who asks for candy. Take note, candies are bad for the teeth. You might end up like the kid from youtube ‘david after the dentist’. =)) Next time for Halloween, when kids knock on the door, I’ll give them a bag of rice.

I dressed up as a Vampire-Gangster, which I call a ‘FAIL’. I don’t know but I wasn’t really feeling the Halloween this year. My costume wasn’t really a costume, more of like retro vampire? I think I’m gonna confuse myself with this part.

I spent my Halloween at Movieworld with some of my Uni friends. Movieworld is a themepark here in the Gold Coast, it has the best ride, which is my favourate.the SUPERMAN RIDE đŸ˜€