2NE1 To Anyone + random posts.

This will probably be my last post for a while. Life is becoming too busy at the moment, I’m such a procrastinator right now my brain is ready to explode from all these assignments I’m getting in just one week.

Back to the topic. 2NE1 album arrived this afternoon. The CD is beautiful, I don’t even know how to describe it. The packaging and the album quality is the bomb, YG makes the best album packaging in the whole wide world . 😀

One of the best things I found unique is that the song lyrics are diffrent from its usual form which I think it’s very creative.  So instead, they used their own hand writing which you can see below. PS. Bommie has the messiest handwriting and CL the fierce lady has the fiercest handwriting ever. Minzy did the most writing  in the song lyrics (poor maknae). Dara has a tiny handwriting lol

That handwriting from CL is so freaking awesome!

More under the cut.

Dara’s handwriting is so tiny.

Bommie, well not that messy, it still looks neat.

Minzy, She has the best hand writing out of them. This girl got some writing skills!

Another work from Minzy. ♥

Dara’s tiny little handwriting.

CL and her love for Teddy. It’s so cute 😀

Awesome. I love Teddy too~ ♥

You can use this as a postcard, I think?

I think they spent a lot of time doodling for the album? haha

Dara’s hair/brain thanks map? LMAO she wrote something in Tagalog too~

Album front/covers

God loves me 😛 YAY

No album scans, I’m sure YGladies will have it up soon.

Off Topic

The blush I bought few days ago. 😀 /randomsharing

University peek.

Another part of the school library that has stacks full of DVD’s. =\ I want my room like this

Front view from the dorm.

What do you guys think of 2NE1’s album? Have you had a listen to all of the songs yet? make sure to buy your own copy of the album because it’s one great album you don’t wanna miss!



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  2. sankyu very much for these scans of the album!
    the package is exellent♥
    now i wanna buy it only for see girls’ handwriting lol

    • orangekaramel said:

      HAHA well it is definitely a must buy album 😀 because it is worth your money, and the album scans are one of the things I really love. You should definitely buy it 😀

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