Shady Girl

Today was my first day of college/university. First, it was scary, frustrating, terrifying when you don’t know anyone of them, some people can be bitchy, snob and fake. Who knows. I was scared and I thought I was going to be a loner, but my expectations were wrong, it was totally other way around. Even though everything was strange at first, I was glad to meet some new friends who were from Columbia and Germany, they were very friendly. Thank god I survived. 😀 I hope to meet more friends at my college, oh please lord.

Photos of my college, here.

More under the cut

Moving on…

My love for jumpsuits.

I’m running out of outfits. Temptations.

Which one do you like guys?

Comments on: "Shady Girl" (2)

  1. Yay! glad to hear that the first day went fine!! and you met friends =) keep it up sis! and enjoy every moment. College is the most awesome stage of being a student I swear! I like the 3rd jumpsuit.

    • orangekaramel said:

      College is definitely much better than high school, its a challenge but I think we can all endure every moment. The first one is my fav 😀 I went to the store yesterday and I didn’t like how it has a big circle thing in the middle. I ended up buying nothing.

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