K-SPREE Time 2.0

Horay my CD’s have arrived today. I was totally shocked when the postman arrived this afternoon, because I never expected my package would come so early. This is the 3rd time I ordered from dvdheaven, they have fast shipping unlike yesasia and the price works out the same for both of them.

So I bought 3 CD’s. Taeyang’s International Album + BoA’s Hurricane Venus + Secret’s Madonna.

I’ve already bought TY’s Solar album before and this time it’s his international version of the album. I decided to buy it because I love him and I’m a fan girl and he’s got it all. Gosh this guy is smexy.



My favourate part of the booklet and the lyric shape is cute.

Finally understand the his engrish version.



This will be my 3rd YG family card.

And finally, the huge as poster.

When my mum saw the huge poster, she asked me if she can see the poster and I refused to show it to her. So I shyly showed it to her she said “What is this?” “Who is this?” and she tried to tear the poster as a joke. That wasn’t funny at all, I would cry see Bae all torn up. HAHA


The princess of k-pop made her comeback and had her 10th anniversary as an artist which she released her HURRICANE VENUS album after 5 years of hiatus. Before I disappoint myself, I took time and and listened to the whole album for a few times and finally decided to buy the whole album.Ā  The whole design and packaging of the album is beautiful. I really liked her booklet, it was pretty and had gorgeous photos of her. ā¤ SO BEAUTIFUL

My favourate shot of the booklet. šŸ˜€

I want her dress.

I really like the design, its so chic and simple.

I really like the whole album and the ballads are beautiful. I still like her old songs though but I wish she put more upbeat tracks on this album. Other than that, the whole album is amazing.


I like Secret ever since they debuted with ‘I Want You Back’.Ā  I’m glad they came back with a really catchy song this time, and it’s been stuck on my head for a few many times now. MADONNA DONNA~. The main reason why I bought this album was because I am a big fan of ballads.Ā  I gave the album a listen before I actually bought the album, one of the ballad song totally amazed me with their vocals and the song’s melody was beautiful. See I like ballads too~ šŸ˜› They definitely upgraded their music with their own unique style.

I’m really liking the black and white concept photo, it’s so classy.

I like secret because they tell me their secrets. lol kidding. The whole album is great. The girls definitely stepped their game up.

NOTE: I didn’t include all the photos from the album, I only put up the ones I really like.

Sorry for the pic spam and bad photography. šŸ˜›

I hope you guys enjoyed my post.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. šŸ™‚


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