My Dre headphones is back.

I don’t know but I’m pretty happy that I got my headphones replaced with no extra charge. I thought it was going to be a pain the butt calling the company, explaining everything and what not. The great thing about it was, it only took 4 days for them to replace it and I was surprisingly surprised. 😀 if you dont know what I’m talking about (I’m referring to my old  post here.)

My  headphones have been replaced and it’s white this time. I don’t know how I’m going to maintain this since white gets dirty easily. I am sure this time I wont never ever let anyone use this, especially people with a huge head lol. Even if you beg me for it.

I just hope I’ll never break them again.

Just like what MJ said – It doesn’t matter if it’s Black or White.

Thanks for reading.


Comments on: "My Dre headphones is back." (2)

  1. Wow, mas cute ang white aa. 🙂 Sana di na masira 😀

    • orangekaramel said:

      haha I dunno but I was tying to make a change. Hopefully it wont break again. >_<

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