When I thought this headphone was going to be my baby.. I need help.

I loved it right when I got them, I’ve used this for4 months now and when I used it last night the band just snapped! This is the first time I’ve experienced this. I thought expensive things don’t break easily? Well I was wrong.

I wasn’t being rough with, it in fact I took care of it because I was scared of this happening.

To be honest, these headphones have amazing sound quality, the clarity and bass,  it’s perfect.  I would recommend it for everyone, but the main problem is that the build quality of the headphone is cheap and ridiculous especially when they are selling these headphones at a hefty price. I’m dissapointed right now.

I’m returning it back tomorrow and see if they can replace it or just get a refund. I don’t really wanna get another pair, I’m scared of breaking them again. I just hope Monster will fix this product in regard to durability.

Good sound quality, horrible durability. =\

Nice headphones but I think I might have to say no thanks. I really hope monster will fix this problem because if they do, I will not hesitate to buy it again.

I think I will go with WESC headphones and give it a try 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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