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K-SPREE Time 2.0

Horay my CD’s have arrived today. I was totally shocked when the postman arrived this afternoon, because I never expected my package would come so early. This is the 3rd time I ordered from dvdheaven, they have fast shipping unlike yesasia and the price works out the same for both of them.

So I bought 3 CD’s. Taeyang’s International Album + BoA’s Hurricane Venus + Secret’s Madonna.

I’ve already bought TY’s Solar album before and this time it’s his international version of the album. I decided to buy it because I love him and I’m a fan girl and he’s got it all. Gosh this guy is smexy.




My Dre headphones is back.

I don’t know but I’m pretty happy that I got my headphones replaced with no extra charge. I thought it was going to be a pain the butt calling the company, explaining everything and what not. The great thing about it was, it only took 4 days for them to replace it and I was surprisingly surprised. 😀 if you dont know what I’m talking about (I’m referring to my old  post here.)

My  headphones have been replaced and it’s white this time. I don’t know how I’m going to maintain this since white gets dirty easily. I am sure this time I wont never ever let anyone use this, especially people with a huge head lol. Even if you beg me for it.

I just hope I’ll never break them again.

Just like what MJ said – It doesn’t matter if it’s Black or White.

Thanks for reading.

New blog layout

I changed my blog layout, and it’s brown! I’ve been wanting to change my  layout because my previous one was too girly and ugh.. ugly. So now it looks nice and refreshing.

It’s  still not finished yet,  but I will be doing some touch up’s and etc, I will be doing it before I start my college.

Hope you guys like it!


When I thought this headphone was going to be my baby.. I need help.

I loved it right when I got them, I’ve used this for4 months now and when I used it last night the band just snapped! This is the first time I’ve experienced this. I thought expensive things don’t break easily? Well I was wrong.

I wasn’t being rough with, it in fact I took care of it because I was scared of this happening.

To be honest, these headphones have amazing sound quality, the clarity and bass,  it’s perfect.  I would recommend it for everyone, but the main problem is that the build quality of the headphone is cheap and ridiculous especially when they are selling these headphones at a hefty price. I’m dissapointed right now.

I’m returning it back tomorrow and see if they can replace it or just get a refund. I don’t really wanna get another pair, I’m scared of breaking them again. I just hope Monster will fix this product in regard to durability.

Good sound quality, horrible durability. =\

Nice headphones but I think I might have to say no thanks. I really hope monster will fix this problem because if they do, I will not hesitate to buy it again.

I think I will go with WESC headphones and give it a try 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Rings I do adore.


Late night shopping with my family and I bought lots of cute rings. There were too many to choose from, I was really having trouble finding the things I like because the shop was just full of accessories. I wanted to steal everything 😀

Another thing about the shop was that they were affordable comparing to other accessory shop out here, this one was more classy and sophisticated. The way they wrapped things up, made me feel like I was shopping jewelries at Tiffany and Co. HAHA xD