This girl amazing.

Have you heard of this girl? Her name is Gina Choi, also known as GINA/GNA. This girl has an amazing awesome voice, OHMYSHISUSCHRIST its one of the best songs I’ve heard in a very long time. Her songs are very classy. and she may not have the best face but her talent can back it up because of her powerful voice. We have to respect these artists for their singing and dancing abilities. Remember, its not all about the looks but rather focusing on their talent/professionalism.
Dojooon’s acting is great and he looks smoking hot! and Mr Junhyung the Joker’s rap is fierce and he raps like a bad ass.
I must say, I was happy seeing these two boys acting together in a MV. Other than that I am happy because  Kikwang wasn’t a part of it.. xD IM SUCH A FAN GIRL. I hope Doojoon fans, didn’t die from jealousy.

Her debut single is called I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better“. The girl is amazing and I hope she goes far!

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Be sure to check her out.


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