WOW Finally a feminine photoshoot with 2NE1. Their usual image is so strong and powerful, yet sometimes they look boyish in some photoshoots or  maybe I am used seeing them in boyish clothes all the time?
This photoshoot totally flaunts their feminine side, and all I can say is that they look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in every pictures, I am totally loving their outfit! Can you see Minzi lookin pretty at the back? That girl is all grown up pretty and sexy. xD
Bommie lost a lot of weight. Her lettuce diet really worked, I wonder how she survived?
She looks slimmer and sexier now.  BOM THE QUEEN OF LETTUCE
Baddest female CL always rockin it.
Sandara I know you have a scar on your leg, stop hiding it, you still look gorgeous.
Who is that hottie in the back?
I cant wait for their comeback.. Papa YG, when are we going to see these girls on stage again? HURRY UP PLEASE. KTHNXBAI
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