Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted a nice big bedroom, not too big, not too small. Something where I can sleep calm and nicely. Something like this. I prefer simple and clean.

We live in a not-so-big-enough house. Although it has advantages and disadvantages , you  all know what they are. Smaller homes saves you money over an extremely large living space and also waste of energy, I will try to be clean and green. 🙂

We have been living in this house for 10 years. and I’m kinda sick of living in this house, its so boring 😛

We needed a bigger house to enjoy ourselves and for the visitors as well.  Also the main purpose of moving so we can have bigger rooms each (I have two older brothers). So my mother decided that we are moving out next year after our vacation in the Philippines.
These are the pictures I collected.

Pretty aren’t they?

Clean and simple. When I get my own room, I want it to be something like the pictures above. Maybe as an inspiration?

Which one is your favourate?

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Comments on: "The sweet future/dream room." (4)

  1. LAAAAAAAAST! IDK, super pretty 🙂

  2. @april haha thanks bruh.. I collected this pics last month haha I thought why not share it xD

  3. Gusto ko yung last. 🙂 Nice blog bruh! >:D<

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