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It’s K-Spree time.

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I think it’s about time.. to let the sunshine.. just got a question for y’all.. are you ready for K-SPREE TIME, OHHH are you ready for KSPREE TIME*  OHH BABY Say yeah, you know you gotta say yeah. yeah yeah yeah HELL YEAH

How random. LMAO Let me break it down down down break it break it down…

Alright, here I go again.  My CD’s arrived this morning.. you all know its K-SPREE TIME.  😛 I don’t want people to think that I don’t have a life other than blogging, twittering etc. I have a life too you know, ya just don’t know it. I want to blog about this because I want to share it to all the k-pop lovers out there how I am such a crazy girl who is addicted  to buying CD’s. More of addicted of buying things.. ( CD’s CLOTHES ETC) when I feel like it.

I bought 8 CD’s.  Jay Park, SHINee (LUCIFER), 4minute (HUH), Super Junior (BONAMANA), Se7en (Digital Bounce), B2ST x2 old albums, Hyori’s H-LOGIC.



My new Samsung Galaxy S

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Today I bought a new phone and its is an awesome one called Samsung Galaxy S.  It’s a new Android smartphone from Samsung with a 4.0 AMOLED display, HD video recording, and a great 5.0MP camera phone and more. I think this mobile phone offers more exciting experience than iPhone. 😀 It’s packed with so much stuff and I think it is definitely a complete package. I couldn’t ask for more.

This phone is definitely worth taking 🙂

More information at the Samsung Galaxy website

Se7en is back!

Se7en is back and its hot! [tweetmeme source=”aveevee” only_single=false]

Finally, after 4 years of absence, he is finally back with awesome music and brand new mini album! I cant wait for my copy to arrive this week because I am going to jam to his songs all day. I am not kidding.  Have you heard Digital Bounce w/TOP in it? It’s one hot song you can’t miss, I cant express how awesome it is, its a song that I can listen to all day. I am extremely happy that he is back because he is going to pawn all the groups out there and show them how it’s done.  Se7en style!

Better Together MV Choreographed by Keone Madrid, Shaun Evaristo, and Lyle Beniga. ♥

YG hires the best choreographers ever! ❤

Bring on the YG domination!

Now a wordpress user.

BOM THE QUEEN OF LETTUCE + 2NE1 flaunting their gorgeousness.

WOW Finally a feminine photoshoot with 2NE1. Their usual image is so strong and powerful, yet sometimes they look boyish in some photoshoots or  maybe I am used seeing them in boyish clothes all the time?
This photoshoot totally flaunts their feminine side, and all I can say is that they look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in every pictures, I am totally loving their outfit! Can you see Minzi lookin pretty at the back? That girl is all grown up pretty and sexy. xD
Bommie lost a lot of weight. Her lettuce diet really worked, I wonder how she survived?
She looks slimmer and sexier now.  BOM THE QUEEN OF LETTUCE

This girl amazing.

Have you heard of this girl? Her name is Gina Choi, also known as GINA/GNA. This girl has an amazing awesome voice, OHMYSHISUSCHRIST its one of the best songs I’ve heard in a very long time. Her songs are very classy. and she may not have the best face but her talent can back it up because of her powerful voice. We have to respect these artists for their singing and dancing abilities. Remember, its not all about the looks but rather focusing on their talent/professionalism.
Dojooon’s acting is great and he looks smoking hot! and Mr Junhyung the Joker’s rap is fierce and he raps like a bad ass.
I must say, I was happy seeing these two boys acting together in a MV. Other than that I am happy because  Kikwang wasn’t a part of it.. xD IM SUCH A FAN GIRL. I hope Doojoon fans, didn’t die from jealousy.

Her debut single is called I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better“. The girl is amazing and I hope she goes far!

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Be sure to check her out.

Friday’s with CHU

So you all know I live in a place called WOOP WOOP, somewhere in Australia where you cant really do anything other than shopping, amusement parks, eat out, shopping, amusement parks, eat out.. same thing all the time. I’m kinda sick of it. Sick of doing the same things everyday. I really have to thank TWITTER sometimes,  because I feel less bored + my T-List is awesome. Twitter makes me happy.

Fridays are awesome! I realised that every Friday I go out with friends and have an Asian photo booth session (PURIKURA プリクラ) with them.. well some of them…
These are my photo booth collections. I have more but, I decided to keep the rest private 😛
One day I’d like to put these on my wall and make a little collage, I think it would be pretty sweet.